3 spoke wheelset and the radial wheel

Serious 3 spoke wheelset  at least to 3k near (no also close), not serious copy, people carbon fiber with iron instead, but also the name upgrade 3 spoke wheelset, is the pit do not know the car of the white. So do not know how to buy a spoked wheel honestly, pull what useless ah, a (yes, on a, not a pair of) serious 3 spoke wheelset are enough to buy you ten cars!

3 spoke wheelset and the radial wheel(图1)

3 spoke wheelset  structure has determined its very strong rigidity, cheap, strength and other high requirements, and I have used the best spokes are only 2 dollars a piece, but the manufacturer workmanship, big failure can be directly replaced hub, unlike ordinary wheels, so you can not see a one-piece wheel in the big-name mountain, the cost of carbon wheel does not need to consider spokes, most of the field race, after all, is a one spoke wheel from carbon rim

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