9 speed bike chain

8, 9, 10 speed means that the bai rear flywheel has a few du gears. The higher the speed, the narrower the chain. Because dao is the pedal part of mountain bike, Zhuan's chainrings are all shu3 pieces. If your rear sprocket is 8 pieces, then the number of chainrings is 3×the number of rear sprockets is 8, which is equal to 24, which is 24 speed. If the rear flywheel is 10 pieces, the same is true. Your car is 3×10=30, which is 30-speed.

9 speed bike chain Mountain bikes have 8 fly 24 speeds, 9 fly 27 speeds, and 10 fly 30 speeds. In fact, the driver will not use all the gears. Only one gear is used 80% of the time. This gear must be the most suitable for the driver's pedaling strength and frequency.

It can be seen that the more gears of the transmission system, the more precise the driver can choose the gear that suits him. The 27-speed has 3 more gears than the 24-speed, giving drivers more choices. And the more gears, the smoother the shift.

9 speed bike chain(图1)

Extended information:

Maintenance of mountain bikes:

1. Conductor: Check whether the conduit is complete, whether the conductor is twisted and worn, and whether it can operate easily.

2. Brake block bolts: Tighten tightly (F). Check whether the brake block is tightly attached to the rim, and adjust the front of the wheel to the correct position.

3. Flywheel: When the flywheel is operating, you should hear a smooth, balanced and fast clicking sound. The chain teeth must have corners or bends. Rotate vigorously at each speed for a period of time, and check if there is any tooth skipping.

4. Front transmission: check the high and low gears. The fixing bolts are bolted to a moderate or tight (D/F).

5. Rear derailleur: Operate the derailleur and check the high and low gears.

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