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Children change a lot when they grow up, but parents don’t worry, no matter how old they are, tall or short, there is always a suitable bicycle to accompany them to grow up. There are many bicycles with different wheel sizes and frames on the market. If you want to choose a bicycle for children, the most important thing is to judge which bicycle size is suitable for children at this stage.

   The main wheel sizes are provided below for parents to choose for reference, and to help everyone choose a good youth bicycle. No matter which bike size you choose, you must make sure that your child can hold the handlebars with both hands, step over the frame without any effort, and brake safely and freely. The chart below shows the different wheel sizes, corresponding age groups and ride heights. The main discussion here is the size of the stroller, and the age can be adjusted appropriately. After all, the height and weight of developing children are different.

12 inch balance trolley --- suitable for children over 2 years old

   This stroller has no pedals. The main purpose of this stroller is to encourage children to learn balance. They push the stroller forward by themselves and play with self-entertainment. The balance bike is made of various materials. The metal frame with pneumatic tires is more durable. Before learning to step on and brake, let the child feel how to balance. The balance bike is very important for the child's early sports enlightenment.

14 inch/16 inch suitable pedal bike --- suitable for children over 3 years old

   When they can freely control the balance car, they learn to ride a bicycle with pedals. The wheel size is about 14 inches or 16 inches. In fact, if children have already mastered the balance car at the beginning, they can be equipped with pedals. Maybe they don't need auxiliary wheels to learn to pedal the car freely.

When buying a 14-inch or 16-inch wheel bike for your child, you should consider whether it is suitable for their body type. Although many people think that children develop fast and buy a larger model for them to grow up and use, but choosing the right model will not only allow children to learn to ride safely, but also to gain more riding pleasure. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that they can hold the handlebars tightly with both hands and can step into the car.

   18/20 inch transmission system first experience - for children over 6 years old

   Children over 6 years old use a complete vehicle with 18/20 inch wheel size, equipped with a transmission system, and this may be the first time they learn the knowledge of transmission. The general 18/20 inch stroller will have a single chainring in the front, several speed flywheels in the back, and a variable speed knob. In addition to the transmission system, rim brakes are also installed front and rear.

24-inch multifunctional bicycle - for children over 8 years old

Regardless of whether a child is riding on the road or not, compared to a 20-inch wheel diameter, a 24-inch multi-functional bicycle is suitable for a variety of road conditions, reducing bumps and vibrations during driving, and riding on a bicycle of this specification and size will begin to be considered true. Ride". In the dazzling array of strollers, you must personally choose the right parts for your child, including cranks, brake systems, and handlebars.

Just as adults choose bicycles from 26 inches to 29 inches, bicycles from 20 inches to 24 inches are suitable for children to play. Children over the age of 10 can be said to use a reduced version of adult bicycles, with a smaller frame, which can be 11 inches, 14 inches or 15 inches, and there are road and mountain models. Although it is a reduced version, the function of the bicycle has not diminished, and it is as fast and practical as it is. There are many styles for the 26-inch wheel diameter vehicle, and the price range is wide.

  26 Wheel diameter bicycles were originally mountain bikes for adults, but now young people are encouraged to use this size.

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