Carbon bicycle manufacturing process and characteristics

engineering design

Engineering technology is always in the first place. In order to achieve the highest performance and special functions of carbon fiber, it is necessary to optimize and design every detail.


Precision cutting

The carbon fiber cloth is precisely cut by laser to achieve high-quality laminates.


Laminate preparation

Carbon fiber frames need to prepare more than 200 pieces of carbon fiber cloth of various sizes


Inner mold preforming

Through the internal mold molding technology, it can achieve integral molding and ensure the integrity of the laminate.


Inner mold forming

During the molding process, each laminate is subjected to squeezing force to achieve the purpose of enhancing structural integrity.



Precise processing of some high-demand parts


Bonding and second laminate

Bonding between the various parts and the second lamination.


Quality control

Ensure the accuracy of molded parts


Strength and rigidity test

Fatigue testing evaluates the durability of the frame.


Primer and painting

Color spray


Labeling, coating gold oil

Labeling by hand and coated with gold oil for protection.


Why does carbon fiber composite material become a hot raw material for bicycle production? Compared with the traditional metal car body, the carbon fiber composite material car body is lighter and more beautiful, and has a series of innovations in design and manufacturing technology, giving people a more comfortable experience.

First of all, carbon fiber composite materials have many unique properties compared with traditional bicycle manufacturing materials.

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