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       Carbon tubular wheelset sale The Smart Enve System 6.7 carbon fiber tube wheel set was born in a collaboration between Enve and one of the world's most respected aviation experts, Simon Simon. Scientists are never named by accident. Smart takes an intuitive but sloppy approach, using popular bicycle frames to test the aerodynamic performance of these wheels and optimize them under various conditions. You will get wheelsets with extremely high aerodynamic depth profiles that will remain rock solid even in strong winds. Enve hopes that 6.7 wheels can change people's understanding of the performance of lightweight deep-section wheels. This is mainly due to recent design changes, such as widening the rim to improve aerodynamic flow. Its innovations include providing the front wheels with a different width and depth than the rear wheels. 

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        Carbon tubular wheelset sale For Smart Enve System 6.7, the depth of the front wheels is 60mm and the depth of the rear wheels is 70mm. Mixing and matching lighter front wheels with darker rear wheels is not a new concept. However, the width of the front part is 26mm, while the width of the rear part is only 24mm. The principle behind it is related to the fact that when driving, the front and rear wheels will encounter different resistance. The idea is to have an integrated system with wheels that can work within the rider's frame and structure to optimize aerodynamic efficiency and stability. Whether you are a professional or a novice, you must have confidence in the wheel and the ability to control the wheel in all wind conditions. Enve and Smart solve this problem by developing a method through which they can measure the steering torque in response to crosswinds. As a result of the test, they created a tire shape that never overreacted under strong wind conditions. 

        The center of pressure has moved to the axis. Think of it as a lever on the steering shaft-the shorter the lever, the better. This makes the 6.7 wheels more stable in crosswinds and more predictable in strong winds. Pneumatic wheels should help you drive faster, but you will be surprised to find that they weigh the same or less than many shallow wheels. With the help of DT Swiss 240 hubs and Sapim CX Ray stainless steel spokes, the weight can reach 1458 grams, which is competitive. Carbon fiber 6.7 wheels will become your secret weapon. Enve uses 20 spokes on the front wheels and 24 spokes on the rear wheels to strike a balance between weight reduction and durability. 

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      And their rims are stronger than most rims because Enve has a proprietary process for forming laminate spoke holes. Without post-hardening holes, they reduce the risk of rim breakage or spokes pulling. This means they don't have to use other materials to reinforce the spoke holes. Smart ENVE System 6.7 carbon fiber tubular wheels have no weight restrictions on riders. Enve recommends using its gray carbon fiber brake pads for better braking performance. They are compatible with Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo

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