cheap mtb wheels

cheap mtb wheels 

Is there a difference between an expensive mtb wheels and a cheap mtb wheels

On the whole, the quality is relatively good, and the price difference is mainly reflected in the different materials and functions of the parts.

The cheap ones generally use V brakes (two brake bars squeeze steel rims to brake), aluminum alloy or steel frames (the former is not very strong, the latter is heavy), and the front fork and rear tail are generally not equipped with shock absorption As a result, the quality and wear resistance of other parts are also average. The overall design is not strong, and the speed range is generally 15-24 speed. In addition, there are few other matching accessories.

Expensive bicycle brakes have cable discs and oil discs. The braking effect and normal obstacles to driving are better than V-brakes. The frame is made of carbon steel, which is high in strength and light in weight. The tire has good wear resistance and is not easy to crack and damage. The bearings and hubs are of good quality and are not easy to rust, deform or wear. The front fork adopts mechanical or hydraulic shock absorption. A bit more expensive is the use of a soft tail structure (rear shock absorber). The transmission range can reach 27 or 30 speeds, and even higher. Other parts and accessories are also in the same grade, the overall shape is strong in design, more in line with ergonomic requirements, and more comfortable during riding.

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