Denmark on bicycle wheels

Bicycles are perhaps the most popular form of transport in Denmark, as can be seen by the statistics: with a population of over 5.6 million people, Denmark has 4 million bicycles, which is basically one for every person.

There is also a wide range of bicycles, including the most common front baskets, mountain bikes and so on, as well as many "Danish" bicycles, the most important of which is the TrioBike, which resembles the "backwards donkey" of the north-east.

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The Danish love for their children is not simply a matter of spoiling them, but a matter of expectation and respect, which is why many Danes travel with their children. This is where the "backwards donkey ride" came into being. The so-called "backwards donkey" is a small front trailer, only it is filled with live babies.

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If it's a single dog without a baby, then a gay friend can sit in too. ?

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According to a survey, the Backwards Donkey is the most popular and respected bicycle among all Danish households with two children and more, with around one third of households owning at least one Backwards Donkey. "The Backwards Donkey meets Danish standards in terms of design and safety. Most of them have a roof that protects them from the wind and rain, either a plastic or iron roof. So little ones can enjoy their time in the car, whether it's summer or winter, whether it's stormy or freezing outside.


In addition to the most common "backwards donkeys", there are also a number of less popular but innovative "Danish" types of bicycle.

The "rear trailer", which places the little ones on the rear seat of the bike.

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and the "one large, two small" three-wheeled type

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 Family style" for families travelling at the same time

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The "Beer Bike" developed by Carlsberg for "alcoholics", for example, has a small basket in the middle to hold bottles of beer and perfectly illustrates the classic Danish lifestyle of "Bike + Beer".

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In addition to the "bicycle for alcoholics", this bicycle design concept has even been incorporated into the Danish GI's iron ride ?

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In addition to sitting, the Danes have also developed a new level of cycling with their hands, as seen in the picture below while waiting at a traffic light. ?

Denmark on bicycle wheels(图9)

The most important thing, of course, is the Danish concept of "cycling, health and green mobility". Whether it's a sunny summer day or a snowy winter day, from a junior high school student to an old man with grey hair and beard, sometimes it's a mackintosh, sometimes it's a long skirt or a suit and collar, but all that remains is the two wheels underneath. This is how the bicycle has quietly found its way into every corner of Danish life. If one day you are in Copenhagen, and you are immersed in the beautiful fairytale Nordic atmosphere, don't forget to take a look around at the handsome men and women on wheels and Denmark on bicycle wheels.

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