Disc Wheel Tubeless

I have used a Disc Wheel Tubeless for a year, let me tell you how good it is

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With this year’s ZIPP, MAVIC and other big-name brands launching new wheels that support Disc Wheel Disc Wheel Tubeless systems, and some time ago, the independent brand ZPE launched new new wheels, and even launched vacuum wheels + tire sets. This year, The two keywords road bikes and Disc Wheel Tubeless have been pushed to the front of road bikers. In fact, a few years ago, Bontrager, GIANT and other wheel brands have already begun to support tubeless tires, but among the majority of riders, there are few groups who use tubeless tires.

I briefly experienced the use of Disc Wheel Tubeless for the Bontrager Aeolus 5 D3 TLR carbon fiber wheels in 2016, and have been using the road Disc Wheel Tubeless system since September 2017. After a year of use, what I want to say is, if you When considering upgrading your road wheels, hoping that it can bring a new riding experience, then you must consider buying a pair of wheels that support a vacuum system.

The following experience comes from ZPE UFO5 front wheel; UFO 6 front wheel; UFO7 rear wheel (hub is DT 240); C3 custom Disc Wheel Tubeless version, Disc Wheel Tubeless Shiwen ONE-PRO 25C, 28C, each wheel at least 30ml Wen Tire Repair Fluid/Giant Tire Repair Fluid

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My weight is 67kg, 20min FTP is 287w, and the tire pressure is set to 90psi on the front wheels and 95psi on the rear wheels. Personally, I feel that it can balance comfort and resistance best.

Advantage 1: Comfortable and stable

After pressing a relatively large pit in a training session in July last year, my old Roval CLX60 was scrapped. Soon I got this pair of UFO 6 front wheels + UFO 7 rear wheels, ZPE CEO Telling me that I can use  Disc Wheel Tubeless , I did not hesitate to purchase the tire pads and air nozzles for Disc Wheel Tubeless, as well as the excellent performance Sven PRO ONE 25C Disc Wheel Tubeless, which replaced the original Roval CLX 60. The first ride gave me the feeling that my irritable leopard had become a lion!

It turns out that when my CEEPO VIPER-R uses the Roval CLX 60 wheel set, the character of the whole car is very "jumping" and it is easily disturbed by the outside world. When using the lightning top TURBO COTTON clincher, Although it is very fast, it is very unstable. It needs to control the car hard when it passes a manhole cover at a speed of 35. It feels like a grumpy leopard, which makes people feel scared and uneasy.

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After changing the pair of vacuum wheels at the top and far away, the character of the whole car has changed drastically. It is like a calm and comfortable lion. It still sits around in a variety of harsh environments. Under the same tire pressure, the comfort is significantly improved. 300% (there is no real data to show, just want to express the comfort improvement is really too obvious), at a speed of 38, it overwhelmed the manhole cover of Century Park, it showed excellent stability and comfort performance let me open more , Rides more steadily, the obvious control limit comes higher, no longer need to be careful to avoid the crisis of the road.

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