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If you've ever done even a few minutes of carbon wheel research, chances are you've come across Light Bicycle. The Chinese-based manufactures produce wheels for many of the big names, as well as for some of the smaller wheel companies popping up lately. It's not uncommon to buy a set of wheels from a U.S. or Canadian company and have them show up in a box with the Light Bicycle name somewhere on the shipping label.

Of course, it makes its own name-brand wheels as well, and with the production scale it has, a full wheelset bought and built directly through Light Bicycle ends up costing quite a bit less than most of the competition. There are a plenty of rim options from XC to full fatty, including heavy-duty layups on some rims, but our wheels fall right in that sweet spot for modern trail/enduro rigs. The XCT-29-2536 have a 34mm internal width to fit everything from a 2.3-2.5WT nicely, and if you want something wider (or narrower), there are options for that too. The option to build with hubs from DT Swiss, I9, Hope and Onyx opens doors for customization, and more importantly for the new 12-speed Shimano Microspline. There are also many more options for spokes, colors, rim weave and many others in the buying process. As far as warranty goes, standard rims come with a two-year warranty against defects, make you feel more release.

Come and surf our website and find them.

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