French cycling champion builds a carbon fiber bike with a top speed of 26 km/h

According to foreign media reports on September 22, the personal company of former professional cyclist Greg LeMond (Greg LeMond), who has won the Tour de France three times, will launch two pedals almost entirely made of carbon fiber. Auxiliary electric bicycles-Daily and Dutch.

In terms of design, one of the Daily uses the traditional "double diamond" design, while the Dutch-style Dutch uses a low-step frame and a swept back handle. Both electric bicycles are equipped with a carbon fiber frame, seat pillars, and a special guardrail to protect the rim. The color of the guardrail is the same as that of other carbon fiber parts, which makes the bicycle style simple and unified, and the appearance is unique.

In terms of power, both models are driven by a 250W Mahle X35 motor, which can provide up to 40Nm of torque. They can help cyclists speed up to 20 miles per hour (26 kilometers per hour).

In terms of battery life, Dutch and Daily will be equipped with a 250W battery in the down tube, which can travel 50 miles on a single charge. When the battery is full, the corresponding lights on the handlebar and the seat can illuminate. LeMond has confirmed that both bikes will be compatible with the 250W additional battery attached to the frame.

In terms of price, the two electric bicycles will be launched on the LeMond website in the next few days, and the order price is 4,500 US dollars (about 30,500 yuan). In terms of color matching, Dutch is divided into three colors, pink, mint and dark blue, while Daily is available in pink, dark gray and light gray.

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