How to choose a sports bike?

Riders who join the cycling team may encounter difficulties in choosing a car. At this time, you must first choose the type of bicycle you need according to your own needs. Bicycles are mainly divided into mountain bikes, road bikes, dead speed bikes, station wagons, and urban leisure. Wait for a few, of course, there are some other types with special shapes. Here, we mainly talk about how to choose a bicycle that suits you.

1. Quality

As a practical product, the sturdy and durable quality of the bicycle is a basic condition to ensure that the money in your wallet is not wronged. The guarantee of quality requires the vehicle's frame to be selected with excellent materials, complete and delicate welding, and the transmission components adopt stable and durable mature brands. Such as SHIMANO, etc. Secondly, an important component of mountain bikes is shock absorbers. Without a suitable shock absorber, it is destined that this is not a suitable mountain bike. In addition, regarding wheel sets, do not be too demanding to be lightweight. For novices, crashes are inevitable. Therefore, firmness and stability are the kingly way.

In addition, small parts such as spokes and tire pads are the key to improving the durability and stability of the vehicle. When buying, it is best for riders to go to the local store to see the physical car and try it out.

2. Comfortable

A car is an object that is in close contact with you. Whether it is a frame, a grip or a cushion, it is the key to determining whether you can ride far enough and comfortably. Currently, the frames on the market are basically divided into 16", 18", and 20 "Wait, but the size of the frame is only a reference data, not just copy according to the height, but also refer to the personal body ratio, front angle of the frame, functions and other comprehensive considerations, such as you like climbing and forest road off-road, frame A little bit smaller will be more flexible. If it is a long distance, a slightly larger frame will be easier. Moreover, each brand’s frame angle has its own style, maybe the same height, if you change a brand, you may change another. The size feels comfortable.

3. Beautiful

Like clothes, bicycles are divided into different styles, sports, leisure, retro, post-modern, etc. The aesthetics of bicycles should be composed of three main parts: frame, painting, and overall matching.

Let’s talk about the frame type first. Bicycles originated in the 1970s. Most bicycle frames are mainly round tubes, because most of the materials used are steel. It was not until the 1980s that aluminum alloy pipes and carbon fiber pipes gradually became popular. The plasticity is more prominent. At this time, the bike frame has a powerful and exaggerated appearance, giving people confidence in visual effects.

Besides color, the famous design master COCO has a widely circulated saying, white never dies, black is indispensable, black and white with some jumping colors, is the eternal classic of bicycle painting, of course, the popular dead speed car is known for its dazzling , Temperament is more suitable for young people who pursue fashion personality, and has conquered the hearts of many people.

Regarding color matching, bright but not gaudy, line matching can be bold but not chaotic, and not simply filled with a few color blocks. Generally speaking, friends who are more concerned about international fashion trends have a stronger ability to distinguish Now, bold coatings such as black, gold, and brown have gradually entered everyone’s field of vision. Bicycles are no longer an independent object, but are beginning to echo the public’s clothing and accessories.

4. Cost performance:

Cost-effectiveness is not the cheaper the better. Simply put, in a very cheap item, if you spend a little more money, you can improve many details and quality, increase the durability several times, and spend a little money to improve the quality. I believe everyone You must know this truth. Therefore, when you buy a bicycle, you must have the frame, shock absorber, gearshift and wheel set. The lack of any one component will pull down other advantages. Of course, you must also consider your specific needs. , If you are just getting started, but bought a racing car, there is no need.

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