if mountain biking is the best sport , you need a good mtb

-James Wilson- a professional mountain biker. let's say what he said.

I think that mountain biking is the best sport in the world because it combines the “cardio high” of an endurance sport with the flow and adrenaline rush of an action sport like surfing or skateboarding. The combination of these opposites creates a sport that demands things of its participants that no other sport does.

The other day Mutual of Omaha was in town interviewing people for the “sponsor of Life’s Aha Moments” campaign and I was asked to come in and tell them about my Aha Moment. I guess a guy that makes a living training mountain bikers is pretty rare and they assumed that I must have had some moment that inspired me to do it.

The truth is my actual moment isn’t that special – I was sitting in my living room in Tyler TX trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was managing a large gym at the time, making a comfortable salary and not having to work especially hard for it and yet I knew there had to be more. Something popped up in my head about combining my love of mountain biking and training since no one else seemed to be doing a very good job of creating good program for riders.

The rest, as they say, is history. I got a website, created my first program and started telling anyone who would listen why strength and conditioning was the key to improving their riding. MTB Strength Training Systems was born and 5+ years later and hundreds of testimonials from riders around the world later I’m going strong.

So the most importatin thing of mountain biking will make you strong. that's so many people like to be. do it , try our special carbon wheels for MTB bikes.

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