Is the bike the lighter the better?

Some people think that the lighter the bike, the better.

Indeed, the lightweight of modern sports bicycles is a trend, and lighter bicycles will have a great advantage in climbing, the handling will be more flexible, and the storage and transportation will be more convenient.

In a sense, lightweight is an important criterion for measuring the value of a bicycle.

So, based on this, can it be said that the lighter the bike, the better the ride? This is totally a misunderstanding.

In fact, a bicycle uses the physical strength of the rider as its engine light bike carbon rims, and the work done by one person is about 0.5 horses. A bicycle, how to reduce the loss of your work is the core of determining whether you ride hard or not.

In addition to the weight of the car, there are at least four factors that determine the reduction of work loss:

1. The hardness of the wheel set and the lubricity of the bearing;

2. The rigidity of the frame;

3. Reasonable rebound speed of shock absorber;

4. Reasonable distribution of tire grip and rebound.


Most Europeans and Americans pay attention to the durability of vehicles, and the weight requirements are not put in the first place. This is also the reason why the weight of medium and low-end vehicles of major foreign brands far exceeds expectations.

Heavy vehicles can show their inertial advantages on flat roads, and they also perform well when riding in the wind. Lightweighting cannot be based on the premise of sacrificing the rigidity of the frame and the durability of accessories. It is an irrational choice to blindly seek light weight.

To meet the above requirements, the accessories will generally use more expensive materials and higher processing techniques, which requires sufficient silver in your pocket.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) requires that the subordinate competitions are not less than 6.8KG. Of course, some teams have lighter bicycles and need counterweights. Most of the teams use the bearings on the wheels. To increase the counterweight.

Now we know that there are many factors that affect bicycles. Lightweight is also the trend of high-end cars, but the lighter the better, the better it is to ride.

How heavy are the cars of professional drivers? Isn’t it curious? 

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