light bicycle road wheels

light bicycle road wheels have an irresistible temptation for some drivers, especially competitors. In addition, the wind tunnel test results show that carbon fiber wheels can indeed save power and reduce time. But does this mean that carbon fiber wheels are worth the money?

Technical editor Matt Wickstrand from Australia has been studying this problem for four years. Here he answers the above questions on the reduction of carbon fiber wheel components and the popularization of disc brake wheels.

When you are ready to upgrade your bike, the light bicycle road wheels is undoubtedly your first starting point. This is even more confirmed by countless consumers taking the lead in upgrading the wheels when upgrading.

The popularity of finished wheels undoubtedly greatly promoted the enthusiasm of consumers. In the past, consumers could only see the complete wheel set, but now a variety of different wheel set accessories are in front of you, you can compare various types, which makes it easier for you to upgrade the wheel set.

In the high-end market, light bicycle road wheels exist like sapphire, which is your ultimate product for improving power and perfect performance. Although carbon fiber wheels have become popular in recent years, even surpassing low-priced wheels, the cost is still huge. But the market's efforts are huge, and consumers have very high aerodynamic performance for carbon fiber wheels.

In the past few years, the light bicycle road wheels market has undergone considerable changes. In the past, expensive basic material costs and R&D costs made carbon fiber wheels very expensive. However, in the past ten years, the promotion of carbon fiber technology and the advancement of Asian manufacturers have greatly increased the output of carbon fiber wheels and their prices have become more and more affordable.

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