mountain bike tubeless tires

Mountain bikes have a tubeless tire system, which is mountain bike tubeless tires. Similar to the tubeless tire of a car.

mountain bike tubeless tires(图1)

The mountain bike tubeless tires need to use this kind of folding tires, which have no wire edges. Because they need to be filled with tire repair fluid during installation, in order to better fit the rim, they need to use folding tires.

mountain bike tubeless tires(图2)

Tubeless tire repair fluid

Why are tubeless but not afraid of air leaks? In fact, the principle is very simple. Under the action of air pressure, the tire repair fluid will fill the gap between the tubeless tire and the rim to achieve a seamless fit.

mountain bike tubeless tires(图3)

What should I do if I encounter a puncture? The tire sealant has a self-replenishing function. For example, if the tire is pierced with a small hole, the tire sealant will quickly fill in, but if the tire blows out, the hole is too large and it will be more troublesome. You can only replace the tire, and some tubeless tires are particularly troublesome to remove. Stick together, it's hard to get it off.

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