the best MTB wheels reviewed

Upgrading to the best mountain bike wheels is one of the most significant modifications you can make to your bike, resulting in better overall control and more speed on the trail

XC-29-2536 and XC-29-3031 wheels will give you amazing feeling about mtb riding.

A fresh set of the best mountain bike wheels will improve the way your bike reacts to different terrain and obstacles based on such factors as weight, stiffness and rim width. These variables continually shift depending on the mountain bike discipline — which means you’ll typically find a huge disparity in terms  of weight and dimensions across the spectrum, there’s no one-wheel-fits-all scenario here. 

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Super-light artisan-built wheels for XC and gravel

Weight: 1350g | Material: Carbon | Rim width (internal): 31mm/36mm | Spoke count: up to 36 | Tire options: Tubeless ready, clincher (650b or 29er) | Hubs: Bitex | Boost spacing: Yes


Surprisingly tough

Reduced price replacement warranty

Custom Logo option

Not for narrow tires

Whatever you opt for, the super light weight of these wheels will give your ride an instant boost in acceleration, while the freehub's fast engagement helps the pedal stroke to feel responsive. After several months of punishing them off-road, exposing them to cobbles, mud and grit, they held up exceptionally well with no issues.

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