The bicycle wheelset system is important and you need to build up this knowledge as a novice cyclist

The wheelset system of a bicycle mainly consists of hubs, spokes, carbon rims and tyres. The wheelset system is the key to a stable, smooth, fast ride and how much weight is carried.

The bicycle wheelset system is important and you need to build up this knowledge as a novice cyclist(图1)


The hub is the heart of the wheelset and its performance determines to a large extent the smoothness and responsiveness of the wheelset, as well as the strength of the wheelset.

Perlin hubs and beadlock hubs

Depending on the internal rolling structure, hubs are divided into pellet hubs and beadlock hubs.

The Pellicle hub has a longitudinal load bearing structure and an axial load bearing structure, which means that the overall resistance of the hub increases when the wheel is tilted and the rolling performance decreases. However, the Perlin hub has a better rolling performance when the wheel is upright.

The internal ball of the beadlock hub is angular contact, which means that regardless of wheel tilt, the internal forces inside the hub are in a straight line and the rolling performance does not change. The angular contact structure allows the internal ball to have a larger contact area with the bead block, which theoretically results in a higher resistance than the Perlin structure, but is more resistant to compression and can withstand heavier weights.

In terms of maintenance, the Perlin hubs are easier to maintain than the bead block hubs when special tools are available. However, given the outdoor conditions of long trips and the impracticality of carrying a special tool for Perrin, maintenance on Perrin hubs is even less convenient than on beadlock hubs. Beadlock hubs are not difficult to replace as long as you can find the right size ball.

Hub sound and loudness

The sound of a hub is made by the ratchet teeth in the ratchet mechanism turning with the hub shell when riding at idle, and the pawl being pushed by the spring plate against the ratchet teeth. The amount of sound is related to the force of the spring and the amount of grease inside the hub, the stronger the spring and the less grease the louder the sound.

The bicycle wheelset system is important and you need to build up this knowledge as a novice cyclist(图2)

So, if you want your hub to be quieter, simply add a certain amount of grease to the ratchet structure.

The hub rattle count is the number of times the internal ratchet mechanism will rattle when the rear hub is turned for one week. Theoretically, the higher the hub rattle count, the shorter the time it takes for the hub pawl to bite into the ratchet teeth when pedalling, and the quicker the response.

The bicycle wheelset system is important and you need to build up this knowledge as a novice cyclist(图3)

Many people mistakenly believe that the higher the number of hubs and the louder they are, the better. However, in fact, the higher the number of hubs, the more times the pawl strikes the ratchet, which theoretically weakens the kinetic energy of the wheel and increases the bike's coasting resistance.

Reducing the amount of grease within the ratchet structure, with the spring tabs remaining the same, will make it louder but will accelerate the wear of the ratchet structure. It's also not true that more grease is better, too much grease can create more stickiness and affect hub rolling performance, and there is a risk of underpowering the spring plate and affecting the speed at which the pawl bites into the ratchet.

We can have a lot of blind spots in our knowledge, and I hope that what I have shared today will help you learn about bikes about riding. Have you learned a little more about hubs after seeing this? Progress more, build up more, and one day you will go from a novice to a professional rider.

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