The bigger the wheel the faster you can ride the bike

Let's first turn back in time to 1871, when James Staley in England designed the big and small bicycle wheel , which at that time had a rear wheel of only a few tens of centimetres, but a front wheel that could reach a diameter of one and a half metres or even larger. Compared to today's bicycles, this was a giant wheelset. With this kind of bicycle with large and small wheels, the centre of gravity was too far forward and it was easy to fall off downhill.

Since the bicycle wheels were designed to be bigger in order to make the bicycle go faster, why did the wheelsets become smaller in diameter later on, when the bicycle became the same size as the front and rear wheels?

The bigger the wheel the faster you can ride the bike(图1)

If you have such a large wheel on your bike, your centre of gravity becomes higher. When we ride a bike, we are constantly adjusting our centre of gravity, our route is not perfectly straight, it's just that the range of oscillation is smaller and less noticeable.

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It's not easy to drive such a big wheel with a small flywheel and pylons. Those who have ridden small wheels should have experienced that they are more responsive, quicker to pick up speed and easier to start climbing than a big wheel. With such a large wheel, the spokes are deformed a lot and take all the power out of you.

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One last thing about the gyroscopic effect of the wheel. Gyroscopes are familiar, when a gyroscope spins it tries to maintain itself, even if it is in an incredible state of balance. On the other hand, if you look at a bicycle wheel, you can try it out. When you turn the wheel up, you just have to hold one side of the axle with your hand and your wheel will not fall over, but at the same time, because of the spin, the wheel as a whole will follow the spin, and this is the same as a helicopter with a tail rotor. Because the propeller rotates, it also gives the fuselage a force to rotate in the opposite direction, which must be balanced by the tail paddle.

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