The lightest road bike 4.65 kg worth 140,000

The lightest road bike 4.65 kg worth 140,000(图1) 

      No steel wire tires, the front can not see the body; the lightest mass-produced road bicycle, only 4.65 kg, one hand picked up to go ...... yesterday morning, a four-day Nanjing - Asia Bicycle Show in the International Expo Center opened. In the past two years, with the rise of the "cycling sports wind", more and more "high" bicycles emerged from the show, attracting much attention.

The world's lightest mass-produced road bike draws a crowd

In the exhibition-in-exhibition area of Hall B, a mass-produced road bike, which is said to be the lightest in the world, attracted many bicycle enthusiasts. "The frame weighs only 680 grams and the whole bike weighs 4.65 kilograms, thanks to the use of Carbon Rim technology." On the spot, the brand's sales manager said that the biggest feature of this bike is that it is mass-produced and does not lose any performance. "Some brands have very light weight bikes, but there may only be one or two of them, we are mass-produced." He said that the weight of the bike is very critical during the ride, especially when climbing, this bike is very dominant, "a few grams of weight can affect the speed, just like a person climbing a mountain, light weight, of course, is conducive to acceleration."

Such a light bike, how much can it carry? "The weight limit is 90 kg, which is not limited by the load of the Bike itself, but the limit of the wheels and seat." Because the production loss rate is relatively high, the sale price of this BIke is also smacking, one needs 140,000 RMB, "each part can not have a little defect, otherwise it will affect the quality of the ride, the cost is higher."

National team with Bike tires without steel wire

In contrast, a bike wearing the "five-star red flag" costs 26,000 yuan and is a French brand with a more "affordable" price. At a glance, the tires without steel wires showed its difference. The staff said that this is the Chinese national team's bike, and there are many technical miracles. For example, reducing the weight of the body, reducing air resistance (CX), etc.. The staff said that CX plays an important role in the performance design of track Bicycle, knowing that a difference of one hundredth or one thousandth of a second plays a decisive role in a race. So, under his guidance, you can't even see the bodywork when you look "straight ahead". In addition, the Dutch "big brand" KOGA brought its bicycle which won the Red Dot Design Award this year. The staff said that the rear brake is generally above the wheel, but this bike is below, reducing frictional resistance.

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