The scariest thing on the ride

When it comes to the biggest harm of over-riding, many riders also think of butt pain, thigh pain or other messy pain, but the biggest harm is: over-riding and reduced concentration leading to car accidents.

"Fatigue driving, harm to others!" , this phrase is a road warning we often see on the ride, just carbon rim ride generally think that this is a reminder of car drivers, the reason is simple: once riding fatigue will not have the strength to climb ah, certainly not fatigue riding ah!

So, can you riders explain.

What is the rush?

What is pulling the explosion?

What is hanging tail?

Rush is fatigue riding, although pulling the explosion can bring the excitement of speed, but for the crane tail of the pulling explosion, they are also in fatigue riding!

Riders once the body begins to fatigue, will produce a dizzy feeling, in the downhill and some sections, the brain will short-circuit or inattention, resulting in emergency situations, the response is not timely, resulting in a car accident, the light is injured, the heavy is killed!

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Riding into Tibet more than 40% of the fall events, are fatigue riding leads to attention deficit when going downhill, thus causing a car accident, while the other 60% is the same old topic: too fast.

So, I hope that all riders are alert to fatigue riding, but also keep an eye on the team inside the crane tail riders, because fatigue can directly induce traffic accidents, but also induce the crane tail riders in order to catch up with the team, in the downhill do not control speed!

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If you have one of the following 7 phenomena after riding, it means you have over-exercised.


Feeling physically fatigued

It is normal to feel physically fatigued after exercise, but if the fatigue phenomenon lasts for 3~5 days or more, it may be the result of over-exercising, and then you need to stop exercising temporarily to allow your body to fully recover.

A special reminder is that for most cyclists who ride into Tibet, their bodies will be fatigued after arriving at the destination every day starting from Chengdu, so in order to let the body get fully recovered, the leader must collect the opinions of every team member, because just because you are not fatigued doesn't mean other team members are not fatigued!


Muscle pain

Lactic acid builds up after exercise and fitness, and muscle pain is normal, especially for newbies who have just started riding. If the pain lasts for 3-4 days or more, it is time to reduce the intensity of the ride. If it is serious, you should stop exercising immediately, while doing massage, physical therapy, etc. .


Loss of appetite

For most riders, the loss of appetite due to cycling sounds like a joke, but some riders still suppress their appetite due to excessive exercise and stimulation of the body, so pay attention to the nutrition and diet at this time.


Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting after exercise, if it is not caused by diet, then most of it is caused by excessive muscle movement and lack of oxygen. Cyclists should choose a suitable riding plan according to their physical condition, to ride gradually, do not come to a ride of more than 100km at any time.


Dizziness and headache

This can occur after strenuous exercise or high intensity riding, and is related to factors such as changes in the cyclist's blood pressure and low oxygen levels in the blood.

We suggest that riders who are in poor physical condition or have not exercised for a long time should consider their physical condition before riding and plan their riding route scientifically, so as not to burden their bodies due to a tough ride.

Note: For riders riding into Tibet, if you feel dizzy and headache, please follow the treatment for plateau reaction for riding arrangement.



As a representative of aerobic exercise, riding is required to consume a lot of body water, so you need to always pay attention to the water replenishment before, during and after exercise.

Some young riders like to ride and some sports drinks or carbonated drinks, in fact these drinks contain a lot of sugar, can not meet the body's demand for water when exercising, we recommend that you only drink water, no need to tangle with Red Bull or pulsating good, mineral water is really good!


Feel the mental pressure

The original purpose of weekend riding is definitely to relieve stress and make yourself feel physically and mentally happy. If you feel physically and mentally exhausted after exercising, then it is possible that you are over-exercising. You should promptly self-regulate and reduce your cycling training.

So, while we advise our friends who ride around us to pay attention to safety and be sure to wear a helmet, we also need to discourage them from over-exercising in time! Be sure to pay attention to timely rest, many people due to excessive exercise after a variety of discomfort, this should and how to do it?

During the riding process, pay attention to proper rest, when the riding time exceeds 1 hour, please quiet down and take a good rest for about 5-10 minutes.

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Various functions of the body will begin to decrease after about an hour of continuous exercise, especially for antioxidant functions. Rest does not mean that you stop completely and sit on the side to rest. The best way to rest is to adjust to light activity, because for the body, reduction is rest!


Ensure sleep

Sleep is a basic prerequisite for quality exercise. Please ensure 6-8 hours of basic sleep per day, and try to fall asleep before 12:00, so that you can maximize the prevention and improvement of over-exercise syndrome.


Ensure nutrition

Easier said than done, especially since many riders are riding with the purpose of losing weight, then your long-term hunger riding will aggravate your over-exercise syndrome.


How about increasing some calorie intake appropriately

If it's a long distance ride, riders can take less and more meals, carry a small amount of meat food or calorie food like Snickers with them to guarantee the body's energy intake and consumption.


Stop training and exercise

Usually, after a long, intense ride, stopping riding and other sports for 3-7 days can give you a new lease of life!


Reduce the intensity and volume of exercise

Plain and simple, you need to reduce the amount and intensity of your exercise.

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