The smallest and lightest bicycle in the world! Weighs only 8 kg

Maybe you have all heard of or seen bicycles that can be folded

But you may not know the smallest folding bike in the world

Today I will bring you this from Germany,

The smallest folding bicycle in the world.

This smallest folding bike is called

“ Kwiggle ”


It weighs only eight kilograms,

It can be easily put in a normal suitcase.

Let you easily take your love horse around the world~!


Such a small bicycle, the mini round cushion is slanted,

It will sway from side to side with the riding posture,

So you can only lean on the cushion when riding,

The riding posture of the rider is almost standing.


Kwiggle is very stable and lightweight,

Aluminum alloy with good ductility is used as a material,

It can bear a weight of 92kg.


Because of its small size, it is very compact after folding,

If you take the subway, bus or something, you won't feel that it takes up any space.


You can also fold it into a slightly larger bag,

There are no prominent parts, so it is very easy to carry.


To be precise,

Its size is just right to fit into an air cargo cabin.


Of course if you are too lazy to put it in your bag,

It also has two pinions for easy shipping.


In order to achieve the purpose of "small", "light" and easy to carry,

This folding bike removes all unnecessary things,

It seems to be supported by only a few brackets.


The standing posture is the most standard stepping posture,

When the leg muscles are exercised,

It can also relax the shoulders and necks of the human body.


Kwiggle can also reach a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

It doesn’t take up any space in the carriage,

Especially suitable for outdoor self-driving tours.


How about it, in this age of people calling for fitness,

If you happen to also like cycling,

Kwiggle is really a good try!

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