Ultralight Carbon Fiber MTB wheelset

Nowdays more and more sport riders prefer the carbon wheels for their MTB bike for racing or for fun.

Carbon fiber not only has the inherent characteristic of carbon material, but also has the softness and machinability of textile fiber. It is less than a quarter of the weight of steel, but it is very strong. And its corrosion resistance is outstanding, is a new generation of fiber reinforcement.

Advantages of carbon fiber bicycle:

1, light weight. Carbon fibre is less than a quarter of the weight of steel, and generally the carbon rim only weighs a quarter as much as a conventional alloy bicycle rim.

2, Carbon rim has a good impact absorption. Carbon fiber is used in many fields, such as making special springs, because of its excellent ability to absorb impact. It can also be made into bicycles without shock absorbers.

3. Carbon Rim is Easy modeling. Various shapes of frames can be made from carbon fibre. As long as the fiber sheet is spread on the mold and then into the resin and burned solid, can be made into various shapes of carbon fiber frame, very convenient.

for more info in details see our products catlog, we have 5 models for 27.5 MTB Carbon bike and 7 models of Carbon wheels for 29 inches MTB , they are all super light in weight , and strong for lasting.

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Altralight Carbon Fiber MTB wheelset(图1)

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