What factors affect bicycle speed?

Bicycle riding speed is a problem that many cyclists will pay attention to. Generally speaking, the speed of ordinary bicycles is 10-15, and the speed of mountain bikes is 15-30. A good road bike will not be too hard to ride to 50, but it will affect What are the factors of bicycle speed?

Reasons that affect bicycle speed

1. Tire pressure, suitable tire pressure, neither soft nor hard, can make the riding reach the best speed;

2. Shock absorber effect, all riders who have outdoor riding experience know that the softness and hardness of the shock absorber are adapted to the road conditions, and avoiding up and down vibration can effectively improve the riding speed;

3. Whether the body is suitable. Although the length of the body cannot be adjusted, the seat cushion and handlebars can be adjusted to adapt to your height and arm span, which will definitely help the riding speed.

4. The configuration of various parts, all parts of the wrist group, if there is clean butter, make the body flexible and close to the body, and the riding speed will naturally not be slow

5. Riding skills, through training, improve cornering, braking, overtaking and other skills, you can also maintain the speed

6. Cadence. As we all know, there is a close relationship between cadence and riding speed. Increase the pedaling frequency and the speed will naturally rise;

7. Transmission system. Of course, the body itself is also very important. An excellent transmission system naturally helps to increase the riding speed.

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