What is carbon fiber bike?

         Carbon Bike is mainly a mid- to high-grade race bike. As an emerging material, carbon fiber is mainly used in frames (carbon frame), forks, wheelsets (carbon rims), etc.

Manufacturing Materials


Bicycles are made of materials other than chromium-molybdenum steel, which has been used in the past, and carbon fiber materials.

Carbon fiber material

There are also new materials such as aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber and magnesium.

Carbon Bicycle Frame

Carbon Fiber(CFRP)

Carbon fiber not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, but also has the softness and workability of textile fibers. Its specific gravity is less than 1/4 of steel, but its strength is very strong. Its corrosion resistance is outstanding, and it is a new generation of reinforcing fiber. Carbon fiber is widely used in civil, military, construction, aerospace, and supercar applications.

Carbon Fiber Frame

Bicycle Frame Benefits


Carbon fiber frames are characterized by "lightness, good steel, and good impact absorption". However, giving full play to the excellent performance of carbon fiber does not seem to be so easy technically, and the quality varies widely among carbon fiber material manufacturers. Bicycle manufacturers are unlikely to use high-grade carbon fiber to make frames, considering the cost issue. Despite the above-mentioned practical problems, carbon fiber frame has the advantages that other materials do not have, and it can make light weight bicycle of about 8 or 9kg. It is not like some light aluminum frames that feel a backward pulling force when climbing.

(1). Light weight frame can be made

Carbon fiber frames are made by laminating carbon fibers in the direction of stress and gaining strength. The carbon fiber frame is very light because of its density and strong tensile strength.

(2). Good impact absorption

Carbon fiber is used in various fields such as making prosthetic legs for disabled people in sports or special springs. It is also used to make bicycles without shock absorbers by its excellent impact absorption performance. For example, the ELEVATED frame of SCOTT factory is famous. However, the quality varies a lot from one manufacturer to another, and some of them are very stiff, so this frame can only be known as good or bad after riding.

(3). Various shapes of frames can be made

The basic molding method of carbon fiber is to lay the fiber sheet on the mold and then flow into the resin and burn it. Various shapes of frames can be made, such as TREK's Y frame.

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Frame disadvantages

(1). Complex stress calculation

The carbon fiber that makes up the carbon fiber frame is carbon fiber, which is characterized by strong tensile strength but weak shear strength. Complex stress calculations (longitudinal rigidity and transverse rigidity) are required for processing, and the carbon fiber pieces are overlapped and formed according to the calculations. Processing technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it is important to choose products from experienced and reliable manufacturers.

(2). Difficult to change the size

It is difficult to change the size because the mold is made and molded. It is not possible to change the size of the product to meet the orders of multiple sizes and styles.

(3). Aging

Does the resin deteriorate? This is a subject that will gradually turn white when it is exposed to sunlight. Of course, this phenomenon is related to the technology of the manufacturer. It is better not to leave it in the sunlight.

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