Wheelset System - Bicycle Wheelset (I)

Bicycle wheelsets

As a very important part of the bicycle system, the wheelset has a great influence on the performance of the bicycle due to its weight, rigidity and wind resistance coefficient. This chapter focuses on the structure and principles of the sports bicycle wheelset system, including rims, hubs and spokes, etc. It also explains in detail the disassembly and installation of the bicycle wheelset, the purchase of tyres and the methods of tyre repair and wheelset compilation.

The wheelset is the part of the bicycle that connects the wheels to the frame. The power transmission and turning control of the bicycle must be transmitted to the tyres through the wheelset, which is a very important part of the bicycle system.

Depending on the type of bike, wheelsets are divided into mountain wheelsets and road wheelsets, which are generally not mixed. This is because the front and rear fork openings on mountain bike frames are 100mm and 135mm respectively, while the front and rear fork openings on road frames are 100mm and 130mm respectively; secondly, the braking methods of the two types of wheelsets are generally incompatible; and thirdly, the design focus of the two types of wheelsets is different, with mountain wheelsets giving priority to strength and road wheelsets to lightness.

Composition of the wheelset

The wheelset consists of a rim, hub, spokes and spoke nuts. The combination of the three and the way the spokes are woven together affect the wheel's performance.


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