Why use carbon fiber for bicycles?

Why use carbon fiber for bicycles?

This question makes everyone re-recognize another key characteristic of bicycle frame material considerations-plastic deformation.

ZPE Bicycle's analysis of the plastic deformation of bicycle materials perfectly complements articles on the advantages of carbon fiber bicycles on the Internet.

ZPE Bicycle also mentioned the advantages of carbon fiber bicycles:

1. A carbon fiber bicycle is a work of art, starting from carbon cloth, it is all done by hand. Each carbon fiber frame is molded in one piece, which can fully consider the beauty of the frame, minimize the wind resistance, and optimize the hardness of the stressed parts.

2. The bicycle frame made of carbon fiber is much lighter than the bicycle frame made of the same aluminum alloy material, thereby reducing the weight of the whole vehicle, and at the same time providing better rigidity and hardness, allowing the rider to increase the riding speed , To improve the athlete's performance. At present, cyclists in large-scale international cycling competitions such as the "Tour de France" and "Olympics" will choose carbon fiber bicycles as their racing vehicles.

3. Carbon fiber bicycles are made of carbon fiber cloth wrapped in multiple layers to form a cup-shaped structure. This structure gives the frame itself a certain impact absorption performance.

The above points are the analysis points of most articles on the Internet on the advantages of carbon fiber bicycles, that is, the main narrative points are:

[1] The integrated molding of carbon fiber bicycle has a beautiful appearance;

[2] The carbon fiber frame is all hand-fitted by carbon cloth, the frame is profiled, the mechanical structure is reasonable, and the wind resistance is minimal;

[3] The carbon fiber has high tensile strength, the frame made of it has good strength, the frame deformation is small when pedaling, the pedaling efficiency is high, and the riding is more labor-saving.

[4] The carbon fiber frame has good absorption performance to the ground impact.

Of course, the above description of the characteristics of carbon fiber bicycles is not a problem, but only from the superficial perspective of carbon fiber bicycles.

ZPE Bicycle's analysis from the perspective of plastic deformation personally thinks it is a deeper discussion of the nature of why carbon fiber is used for bicycles.

The reason why carbon fiber bicycles are good is not because they are light and strong, but because carbon fiber has a very good <modulus of elasticity>. Among all application carbon fibers, carbon fiber is the only fiber that has no plastic deformation, only elastic deformation. Take the carbon fiber fishing rod as an example. No matter how far the head is bent, it can be restored to its original shape, using the modulus characteristics of carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber bicycles are all used for racing. Only during the race can you experience the characteristics of the carbon fiber frame without losing precision. In riding competitions, the front and rear wheels of carbon fiber bicycles and the bottom bracket of the frame are kept at the same accuracy. However, bicycles made of aluminum alloy and other materials cannot do it. The amount of deformation is large. Once the pedaling force exceeds that of aluminum alloy, etc. The endurance limit of the material will cause irreversible deformation, which makes it very difficult for athletes to ride.

Carbon fiber bicycles are "preferable to bend rather than bend" (either intact or broken) when they are exerted heavily. The three axes of the front and rear wheels and the bottom bracket have been maintained at the same accuracy, so that the riding can obtain the maximum pedaling efficiency. Carbon fiber bicycle is the limit of adjusting human speed and creativity.


To summarize: Why use carbon fiber to make bicycles?

1. Because of the "plastic deformation" of metal materials, irreversible deformation may occur in the event of extreme pedaling or collision during riding. Thereby destroying the accuracy of the frame and affecting riding.

2. The carbon fiber material has a good elastic modulus and will not be "plastically deformed", so when riding, it will not cause "plastic deformation" due to external forces, so that the carbon fiber frame always maintains good accuracy, so it can provide riders with more Good pedaling efficiency and smooth riding experience.

Therefore, carbon fiber is a very good material for making bicycles.

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