Cycling to work keeps you away from diseases and reduces work stress

The British newspaper "The Guardian" wrote an article pointing out the benefits of cycling, which even mentioned the impact of cycling on life expectancy.

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When it comes to the benefits of cycling, The Guardian points out that choosing to cycle to work will make you feel less stressed and even more productive at work.

"Cycling reduces stress" from a "global work health management journal" (International Journal of Workplace Health Management) survey.

According to the survey, within the first 45 minutes of work in the morning, employees who biked to work were significantly more relaxed than those who drove to work.

The beginning of the work day is obviously critical for workers. As the saying goes, "the plan of the day lies in the morning", and the state of the morning work will inevitably affect the employees' work status throughout the day.

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According to the authors of the survey, "The ease that biking to work brings to employees is far-reaching. It will affect many important activities, key decisions, and even a variety of employee behaviors."

The article also points out that in the UK, only 4% of commuters travel by bike as a whole; in Canada, the percentage is 6%.

Looking around the world, the Nordic country of Denmark is undoubtedly the most "ruthless" in cycling With Carbon Wheels.

In Copenhagen, the government has set a speed limit for all public buses and private cars in the city center. As a result, nearly 40 percent of the population in Copenhagen chooses to travel by bicycle.

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Even when considering the potential for injury and air pollution, cycling is still the healthiest way to travel.

The UK Biobank, which tracked the travel patterns of 260,000 people worldwide for five years, concluded that people who travel by bike maintain the lowest potential for death in all respects than those who choose other modes of transportation.

The survey noted that walking to work, while reducing the likelihood of death from heart problems, also makes commuters more susceptible to cancer.

The dilemma with choosing to walk is that the short distance to work does not help much in relieving stress.

According to the report, only a weekly walk of more than 10 kilometers to work will help the mood at work. But long walks, in areas where the air quality is not very good, will instead increase the likelihood of cancer in walkers.

The car, the most popular mode of travel, offers relative freedom and control, but it is also the most stressful and tiring mode of transportation. Public transportation, while also more convenient, is a major source of stress due to its uncontrollability and longer consumption.

As the most controllable means of travel, cycling clearly has its unique advantages.

Below this Guardian story, a reader said, "In addition to those mentioned obvious benefits of cycling, I think the biggest benefit of cycling is that you have full control of your time. 

"Compared to the unexpected delays in public transport and the traffic jams often encountered when driving, cycling is much easier because you can always find a way to cut through the traffic."

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